Homage to the Past

Ensuring the historic site of Mettle & Poise preserves it roots, we have fully embraced the site’s heritage and importance as a local establishment. From day one we knew we wanted to celebrate the grandeur of the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital building and area. The best place to start was the name – and with Mettle & Poise we have combined both the past and future – Mettle represents the area’s resilience and strength, whilst Poise demonstrates the elegance and sympathetic addition the development will bring to Hackney.

We also want to ensure every buyer is aware of the history when considering their investment – so we have centred our advertising and branding around ‘owning a piece of history’. This will be present from the outset with the property’s striking façade, which will stay largely unchanged, allowing for its original charm and character to remain. The homes within will reflect the aesthetics of its grand exterior, whilst benefitting from all the mod-cons and high specification you would expect from a modern London apartment. Tribute to the hospital also lies in the Mettle & Poise logo, taken from the original Queen Elizabeth Hospital gates, which will be another long standing reminder of its legacy.

These homages to the past guarantee its east London heritage will withstand.


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